Basic Definitions and Premises

Greg Meyer
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(Updated 8/18/2006)

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From an early age, I was involved in religious controversy, being raised as a Catholic in a mixed religious family - father Catholic and mother Jewish. So I guess that makes me a true Judeo Christian (or is it Messianic Jew). I resented the Catholics blaming the death of Christ on the Jews when I thought Jesus was put on Earth to die for our sins. This religious conflict did make me sensitive to religious beliefs and differences ... but none worse than that brought about by the scientific community.

A couple of specific recollections back to the 1950's and early 1960's brings this home. First with the book "In Search for Bridey Murphy" and her recollections of a past life. This did leave an impact on me and especially brought home the spiritual nature we truely are and separates us from the body. The second was the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA. Scientists of the day touted that they discovered the basic building block of life! Even in my early teens, this didn't explain anything - these PHD's hadn't even defined life, let alone having a model of how life could be manufactured from non-living matter! Later I came to realize that all these PHD's had over us was

more time sitting in class-room chairs.

In high school and college I was exposed to evolution which even clouded the picture more; not only did it not make sense but even stranger, it didn't make sense that some of our most illustrious thinkers got on the atheist-bandwagoner's belief of life with its DNA set of coded intelligence and creation of the universe with a uniform set of equations just appeared all by itself!

Now that is true faith! BLIND FAITH!

In college, I studied and graduated with a degree in Physics - eventhough I had strong doubts at the time in Quantum Mechanics that touted an electron as a "probability function" and that current was the flow of holes in a semi-conductor material!

My mentor in statistics once mentioned to me that "given enough time, life could evolve from matter". What in the world does time have to do with life! He didn't even have a model showing how life (transcendent to matter) can evolve from matter into intelligence, let alone give it a probability greater than 0! Nothingness evolves into somethingness - now that takes a lot more faith than I have as a Christian. This is like idol worship - one builds a box and everyone comes and starts to worship the box - not a thought about the creator of the box!

I guess stupidy is inheirted through our children.

Another interesting phenomena - when being interviewed - a man once said he had a "50/50 chance of getting into heaven". The 50/50 chance can only come about by the belief that one's good will be weighed against one's bad. Except for a fleeting moment after becoming of "reasonable age", it's either 0 or 100! At birth, one has 100% chance (guaranteed) of going to heaven; than at the "age of reason" (individually determined by God), man determines his chance, which envitably drops to zero. More on this later on.

All in all I separated from religion until recently while watching the movie "The Passion of the Christ". The movie was profound and I remember sitting with most of the audience for about 15 minutes in our chairs without saying a word. A religious change in me wasn't instantaneous, but gradual; but over a period of a year or so and at the request of my wife we started going to the Mohave Valley United Methodist Church and me getting involved in bible studies given there.

In the past I tried to read the bible but never got out of Genesis! However

... this time ...

I was very persistent and made it through Genesis; but it took me three months to get through ...

Chapter 1 ...
Verse 1 ...
Line 1 ...
In the Beginning
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BUT the real problem I had in the past was in CREDIBILITY. Is the bible historically and technically accurate? I know that I needed to find one thing that I know as accurate and build on that one thing.

... and ...

the one thing I based my credibility on was "the crossing of the Red Sea". How ironic - a most unbelievable event and criticized by most scholars anti to the bible! I watched the DVD: "Exodus Revealed" and the acompanying book "The Exodus Case" by Dr. Moller, which literally knocked my socks off and paved the way for me to continue reading and doing research into the bible.

In the following charts I start off by defining words that are necessary for premises that the bible are based on. Definitions are easy - if only one person, the author, is to be convinced; difficulty occurs on convicing others. So I decided to tackle some critical words and topics and share them with others and ask for feedback. Mysteries for centuries have tested our faith:

What's God's purpose for us being here?

Is there a God?

How did the Gentiles Hijack Jesus?

Where did God exist before He created the world? (in progress)

if God created us, who created God?
where did God come from?
who taught God how to create?
how can God hear me and communicate with billions at the same time?
how can God be forever alive and die on the cross?
how can a loving God allow so much suffering and evil?
how can God be both three and one?
how can Jesus suffer one death for billions?
how can a loving God subject someone to the torments of hell forever?
who changed Saturday to Sunday?

... and especially ...

did Adam have a belly button?

what are the definitions of

life; physical science; nature; evolution

... and what are the definitions for ...
grace, hope, soul, miracles, suffering, and
partial-birth abortion

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May the Eye of God be with you