Basic Definitions and Premises

(Updated 9/7/2008)
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GOD the Father or GOD the Son
... and for what purpose? ...

Introduction: Iíve been reading the Bible for some time and have encountered irritating problems in understanding the Word Ė not written in American English (written in King's English); in fact, most of the writings sound just foreign to me. In the books of the Bible Iíve read up to this time, I didnít understand how the New Testament books fit into each other or how they fit into the Old Testament. I guess what Iím trying to communicate is Ė what is the purpose of all the books of the Bible; and are they integrate-able into one another? Iím used to having an overall scheme (plan or purpose) in which pieces fit into the overall. So, I said to myself Ö self Ö is there an overall purpose and do all 66 books of the Bible address that purpose; and if so, this would be a good place to start. Now on to trying to find what a good purpose would be.

Things have always happened to me in my studies in studying a particular subject; the good Lord seemed to have always put forth good references or books for further study. In my search to find a purpose and how the books of the Bible fit into an overall scheme of things, a scientific book I was reading at the time just happen to address the subject of the

purpose of creation.

Wow Ė and you guessed it, it referenced a good source: the Bible, book of Romans, Chapters 1-8. Again, in looking at the reading in Romans - it was quite foreign to me; but, I was determined to understand it in one way or another. At this time I was attending a Bible study group which was at a standstill for a few weeks and I had noticed in the newspaper a section on churches in the area and groups that met on Bible studies. So Ö getting up the nerve Ö I decided to attend one and see how and what they were discussing until my original Bible group reconvened. You guessed it Ė the group was in the early stages of discussing Romans!

So I started attending the Romansí Bible study group in hopes of getting a better understanding in helping me come up with a purpose. As of now, Iíve put together my thoughts from reading scientific books and from the Bible. What I understand to date, I have documented below. I donít know where I got my purpose from, but Iím sure itís documented somewhere in the Bible or scientific literature Iíve read along the way. In any case, I like the words and they make sense to me. Here are the words Iíve agonized over:

01. GOD's overall purpose for us (mankind) and all that surrounds us is to:

conquer evil


reveal His grace and glory


I want to address our purpose for being here in GODís House
Ė that is, living on planet Earth in a physical time-oriented universe Ė

First, some words are needed to put the overall purpose in perspective. GOD the Father wants a family whom He can love and trust and who will love and trust him back


However, GOD knows that mankind will not always be obedient to Him. So in His infinite wisdom, GOD the Father got together with GOD the Son and made a Covenant to make this happen. As you can see, Iím using two different colors to distinguish between GOD the Father and GOD the Son which helps me distinguish which one Iím addressing Ė this is my understanding and you may surely disagree. I believe everyone is entitled to his own wrong opinion. But first a short note about the Covenant that Iím talking about.

Dr. Gene Scott gave a wonderful scenario on the Covenant between our LORD JESUS and GOD the Father which must have occurred and which I would like to summarize now:

GOD and the beings of eternity knew the risks of giving mankind a free will. So before Adam and Eve were launched, the LAMB to be slain in the foundation of the Earth made a covenant with His Father that:

He would come and be the rescuer;
He would come and kin Himself to us to be a kinsman redeemer;
He would come and be the perfect servant and then say:

I love My wife and children that I will gain during that time.

Ö then Ö
there had to be a conversation between these two personages such as:

Are you up to this Son?

Yeah, Iím committed; Iím going to do it; Iím giving you my word;
Are you up to it Dad, watching me go through it?

Yeah, Iíve given my word.

Do this and Iíll raise you from the dead;
seat you at my right hand; and
turn everything over to you.

Ö and going to the end, JESUS must have said to the Father:

when Iím done finished rescuing with the power that will be mine;
after the barrier is broken and sins have been covered;
and I died on their behalf;
and the millennium has passed;
and the new Heaven and the new Earth are created,

I, Father, will hand them back to you.


Scriptural Basis
(The King James Study Bible)

I want to put what Iíve just stated (Godís Purpose) based on Scripture. First, Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

This is quite interesting and smacks into the question: In the Beginning of what? And does it matter (no pun intended)? And what happened before the beginning? And why not capitalize Earth (to distinguish it from ordinary matter)? And which God characteristic are we talking about (Father the creator, Son the redeemer or Holy Spirit the comforter)? And Ö

I spent most of my life pondering these questions and came to the conclusion that In the beginning Ö of the physical universe Ö matter and energy in a 11-dimensional space-time continuum is what is intended and dovetails into my science background and the Big Bang theory purported to be the beginning. More on the science aspect later on. Now does this really matter Ė runs smack into my next concern: if we had a beginning, then what happened Before the Beginning! Interestingly enough this is addressed scripturally in John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

So our definition of ďin the beginningĒ doesnít really matter concerning God and the Creation event, since God existed before Creation. BUT Ö the important point here is that God and the Word BOTH existed prior to creation and transcends creation. Thus, Genesis 1:1 should refer to


Here Iím referring to the Word as The Word Ė meaning Jesus, our Lord, Savior and Redeemer. WOW Ė Jesus, our Redeemer, existed before all creation! And wow again Ė does this mean Ė redemption was in place before the Creation event, Adam and Eve, the fall, etc?


So how does this play into a good understanding of Godís purpose for us and the physical universe, and does it make sense? In light that God knows all Ė everything and every decision (past, present and future) we freedom-of-choice beings are going to make Ė a truly Omniscient Being Ė what would be a good conclusion based on the above scriptural discussion for Godís purpose?

First there was a great uprising in heaven (before the creation event) where Lucifer and about one third of Godís angels joined with Lucifer to rebel against God. And God, knowing that He created Lucifer as a very unique and the most gifted angel of all could not be trusted Ė then how could He trust us puny human beings? And why did He need us in the first place?

I believe we humans are created in Godís image and likeness. Thus, the emotions and transcendent properties we humans experience are God-like characteristics and should be considered. We humans love to communicate in a willingly trusting-and-loving manner with each other Ö and so it should be with God! We cannot live in isolationism from one another Ö and so with God. Etc. So God needs us, wants to communicate with us, and has set up a plan to achieve it with us by using the physical universe as a culling field! A culling field for what? Ö separating the sheep from the goats! Ö those who willingly will be obedient and love Him!! And how does this make sense Ė since God knows all and what disobediences we will display?


That is, we humans are frail and cannot live up to Godís perfect standards and the physical universe demonstrates this to us, over and over again. We cannot be righteous (right standing with God) on our own Ö itís a ďphysical universeĒ impossibility. There is no hope of achieving Godís standards on our own EXCEPT through accepting Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, and Godís mercy (un-merited grace).

The physical universe makes this a reality.

Returning to "God's Purpose for us humans, the church, Jesus Christ and the physical universe" --- This just didn't happen by chance as atheists, agnostics and evolutionists believe - God knew everything that was to take place before He created us and the physical universe. ... Why would God leave Satan alone after He was so disobedient to God's will?; why did God not destroy Satan immediately?; and in fact, why did God place Satan in the Garden in the first place to tempt Adam and Eve, knowing full well the eventual outcome before hand? To make sense, one needs to figure out a PURPOSE, and answers to all these questions have to line up. Most of the rhetoric I hear doesn't come close to knowing what Scripture is about and what's going on today. The 60's flower-child rhetoric of love and peace, banning war, recognizing all beliefs and religions, the unity of religions, getting along with each other; save the environment - save the whale, etc. gave us moral decay and the world problems of today. Yesterday's solutions are today's problems. The end of the world is not God's intention or purpose!!!! and yes, war is hell.

Isra'el is currently making preparations to rebuild the third Temple and has made the decision to where its location is going to be in relation to the Dome of the Rock. Isra'el is taking Scripture seriously. Are the Muslims going to take Scripture seriously? Is the world going to take Scripture seriously? Stand by, same bat channel, same bat time.

In the beginning, the End had a name Ö Megiddo Ö field of reality

Godís final triumph over evil
the second coming of the Lord


Evil is disobedience to GOD; and, what GOD wants from us is love (obedience). GOD picked us over everything and everyone else, including His angels, to be His family through which He can walk and communicate with. GOD knows if He would create us without giving us the choice to disobey Him, this would not be on a voluntary basis and would put us in the roll of ďdumb-downĒ robots Ė not able to sin Ė not satisfactory to GOD. This was not the intent of the Father toward His family. So how is this to be accomplished?

First some words about us individually and GOD in particular Ö we hear it often spoken that we didnít ask to be here in the first place! Ömay it be because of a moment of parental passion, rape, or whatever and is beyond the question Ö we are here, whether we like it or not. But in reality we are here because GOD wanted us to be here; He would have prevented it if it did not follow along with His divine plan. Divine plan?

I believe GOD the Fatherís divine plan is to have

a voluntary, loving and obedient family


I believe GOD the Sonís divine plan is to

deliver to the Father a voluntary, loving and obedient family

which can only occur by us being obedient to the GOD the Son willingly to start with.


GOD spoke the world into existence through His creative Word.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD.
All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.

Yeshua is the Word of GOD through whom the universe came into being


R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries has a wonderful DVD set discussing the Free Will. On one chart he specifically addresses our sin choices:

Able to sin
Able not to sin

Not able to sin (heavenly state)
Not able not to sin (our present state)

St. Augustine and St. Paul say we are all born into a state of not being able not to sin! Now this makes perfect sense if GOD is trying to weed out those among us who willfully and knowingly sin versus those who want to love GOD and be obedient to His commands. Our present sinful state is the battle ground on which GOD will work out who will be members of His family and who will not be members of His family. GOD knows that those of us who knowingly and willingly resist sin and have faith and love in His Son, JESUS, as set down in their Covenant, would be family who would willing love Him and each other, even if the choice of disobedience is not available.

GOD's Covenant with JESUS planned JESUS' death before He (GOD the Son) created the heavens and Earth Ė that is, GOD the Father planned to strike down His only begotten Son before He began creating the heavens and Earth to gain our righteousness and give us an entry into Heaven. The baton was handed over to JESUS and JESUS will hand over a loving and good family to GOD the Father, after sin (evil) is rooted out.


GOD planned the death of JESUS, the Messiah before He (GOD the Son) created the heavens and Earth
Ė that is -
GOD the Father planned to strike down His only begotten Son before He began creating the Heavens and Earth

Ö but first He needed a battle ground Ö


02. GOD created the physical universe and put man into it to accomplish His purpose as discussed above:

... to conquer evil ...
... to deliver to GOD the Father a loving and obedient family ...

03. GOD let Satan into His House so He (GOD the Son) can conquer evil, once and for always;

... Adam was not the first to sin ...
Adam is not Darth Vader, the Big Bopper of Sin - Evil Ė Satan is!

04. Satan had earlier brought spiritual death to himself and his cohorts (fallen angels - demons)

by defying GOD - being disobedient - elevating himself to a god;

05. GOD builds/tests man (Adam/Eve and future mankind) to become one of His soldiers in fighting evil;

... that is, to have the ...
right mettle (perseverance/character) to become "Soldiers of Christ";
... GOD's counting on us to make sure EVIL will never again come between us and Him ...

06. Scriptures record how well Adam and Eve fared:

- in fact, right out of the box Adam and Eve eliminated all suspense -

* they fell to the very first tempatation Satan offered;
* the Fall was just the beginning for mankind ...

It didn't take long outside the Garden before man started killing man!
... from eating an apple to murder!! ...

... in fact, Father Abram disobeyed GOD's first command given to him:

I will make of thee a great Nation
... leave home and all your crazy relatives ...
and who did Abram take along from his past?
Nephew Lot

07. Through Adam/Eve, Satan infected the entire human race;

GOD separated from mankind
... we're not born into God's grace ...

... in fact, things got so ugly that not only did GOD throw us out of the Garden ...

He almost drowned us all!
(Capt. Noah, survivor)






Let the two sides enjoin in battle


Christ, Michael and GOD's People vs. Darth Vader and World Thinking

Michael is my hero (not John Travolta)

... God's chosen leader on the battlefield ...
to lead His Soldiers-of-Christ in a real dog-eat-dog world battle against Evil and World Thinking!


08. GOD provides us, through the Holy Spirit, with a set of disciplines (physical sciences) to reveal His glory of creation

GOD loves to "show and tell"

Physical Sciences: A set of disciplines, A to Z (Astronomy, Archeology, Anthropology ... to Zoology with Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, etc. in between) which help us reveal
"God's glorious creation".

09. GOD provides us, through the Holy Spirit, His transcendent grace through fingerprints

Grace: A state in which we have GOD's guarantee of always being in His presence

GOD's fingerprints through the Holy Spirit's transcendence are
observable properties:

intelligence; design; information; understanding; ability to create; ability to dream, love, and care; perceive; awareness; aware that one is aware; etc.



Other Core Beliefs
(not in any particular order)

01. God is triune Ė Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
02. God is the one and the only creator of the Heavens and Earth
03. Jesus is Judaism's Yeshua; Christianity's Messiah; and Islamism's Madai
04. Faith in Jesusí promise not to hold us accountable for our sins
05. Old and New Testaments are one Ė conceal/reveal Godís Word
06. Physical world is Godís House
07. Creation took place is two phases:
.....a. Physical World; and
.....b. Life Ė furniture in the House
08. God does things in Godís divine time
09. God creates instantaneously
10. God is not constrained to time (physical time is meaningless to God)
11. Donít constrain thinking to this physical universe:
.....a. multi-dimensional
.....b. think outside the bun
12. God leads but does not have to give us ďrightĒ answers right away
.....a. based on where we are in life
.....b. leads us in the right direction and may be circuitous
13. Physical world and Bible are both correct and true
.....a. Science and theology are interpretations and subject to being incorrect
14. Science validates the Bible and Physical world
15. God wants us to see what Heís done (show and tell)
16. God gave us the disciplines of the physical sciences to reveal His glory in what He did
17. Kingdom of Heaven will be different from this physical world
18. We live on a privileged planet Ė unique and the only one supporting life
19. The universe/planets are old (13.73 and 4.5662 billions of years old)
20. God parted the Red Sea through Moses during the Exodus
21. Scripture is divinely inspired:

Note concerning differing religions on Scripture:

Judaism accepts "almost" all the teachings of the Old Testament but rejects the New Testament

Islam and Mormonism "accept" both the Old and New Testaments but add other "holy" books to supersede them

Jehovah's Witnesses accept the Old and New Testaments but "choose" to change several hundred words in both

Christian Science, Unity, and Religious Science simply ignore "unpleasant" passages in the Old and New Testaments

(Hugh Ross:The Creator and the Cosmos)

22. Free Will:

What is free will? I had a revelation based on the definition of holy. This word is important since the Fourth Commandment uses it - keep the Lord's Day holy. Without knowing the meaning of "holy", how are we to judge if we are doing the "holy thing". The definition I like: holy - separation from evil (Satan). Holy men are men separated from evil. So on Sundays ... I plan on reading the Scriptures; not watching football games; not doing normal work-related things; etc - small but in the "holy" direction to keep me separated from evil of the physical world. We are born to sin! God even created Satan, knowing what would happen!

Now applying free will: I believe there are four wills: mine, God's, Satan's and angels. I thought the first three were staight forward - but not. God's will is really the Holy Spirit's will which resides in us to counteract Satan's will and guides/leads us to truth (even though we have the ultimate say). The Holy Spirit is within us always and is God's gift to us in leading to truth. The fourth will - angels; I believe that all those around us, influence us - thus all my peers influence my will. So ... all my brother angels keep my best interest in mind!