Basic Definitions and Premises

(Updated 12/26/2006)
Music: Closer Walk with Me

Greg Meyer


Where Was God Before He Created the World?
... where in heavens sake have you been?

... and the beat goes on ...

Introduction: The title is very provocative to say the least.

1. the same place He is today – Heaven … the Lord gave us this answer: Our Father Who art in Heaven, …
2. one question/ one answer per Restaurant checkout
3. there are lot’s of other questions: who created God to did Adam have a belly button?
4. if interested, we can talk outside during your break
5. famous Mexican philosopher – Taco Bell: think outside the bun
6. transcend the 10 space-time dimensions of our physical world
7. Kant/Darwin discussion and the physical sciences
8. In the Beginning is indicative of a Before the Beginning
9. Atheist to Agnostic to the Leap of Faith