On the Way to the Roman Forum

(Updated 5/18/2007)
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Greg Meyer


Romans 9 and 10


when will the cock stop crowing?

... and the sinning goes on ...

An interesting thing happened on the way to the Roman Forum during my reading of Romans chapter 9 and 10.

First addressing the ending of Romans 9:

… a stone (pebbles) will cause men to stumble
… it's a rock that makes them fall

Is it possible that little things in life cause us to stumble in our beliefs by introducing doubts in our faith; however along the way but really big things like

Peter denied knowing JESUS

that will make us fall. Heaven forbid if this ever happens!

... any way ...

An interesting discussion followed in Bible Study after reading Romans 10, in particular passage 10:4:

“Christ is the end of the law,
so that there may be
righteousness for everyone who believes.”

First: Friday night I watched Pastor Gene Scott on TV and he was discussing one line in Romans (3:21) which used the word law … and an hour later he still wasn’t done! … to be continued …

(6 years into Romans; 284 hr-long lectures – and he only got into chapter 4 before kicking the bucket).

Second: Saturday morning I was reading a book by Sandra Teplinsky: Why Care about Israel? which she coincidentally addressed Romans 10 and the law! … also the word end. Strange both these address the subject of what we are discussing here.

What exactly is “the end” of “the law”?

Greek for law is “nomos” … the same word “nomos” is used in the New Testament for “Torah”. The Hebrew word Torah means “instruction” or “teaching”. The word “torah” can also mean:

GOD’s word (Ten Commandments), or
the first five books of the Bible, or
all Hebrew Scripture (Torah, prophets, writings).

When Jewish writers of the New Testament speak or make reference to the Torah … they often refer to the whole body of the Old Testament teaching. Thus in using the term “nomos” they are not necessarily speaking of commands and statues, or list of do’s or don’ts that we might think of as “the laws” but to the Old Testament teachings as a whole. Now what does “the end” mean? The answer is not what we might think of at first … YESHUA (JESUS) clarifies He will not do away with the Old Covenant (Testament):

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or Prophets”
(Matthew 5:17)

... instead …
He encourages Torah teaching for New Covenant believers.
(Matthew 13:52)

Back to the word end … Greek for end is telos … which does not mean cessation or termination. GOD’s teachings are not over and they have not come to an end! Rather, telos means completion in the sense of fulfillment.

The Complete Jewish Bible has a translation of Romans 10:4 which is very revealing:

“For the goal at which the Torah aims is the Messiah,
who offers righteousness to everyone who believes”.

Thus, the New Testament completes the Old Testament!