Basic Definitions and Premises

Greg Meyer


I've been interested in GOD'S Fourth Commandment for more than a year and feel my religion has led me astray by not going into detail and informing me of its importance. However, a member of church (Knox) loaned me a magazine (Petah Tikvah) that he felt would "knock my socks off" - it did! The very first article addressed the the specific area I'm interested in as mentioned. Instead of paraphrasing I've put the short article on my website which they give permission for readers to do. I hope you gain as much insight as I did when you read it.


Remember = Zachor ............. two candles of Shabbat ................... Shamor = Keep (guard)

YESHUA is the WORD of GOD through whom the universe came into being

Traditionally, Jews light two candles each Friday evening to welcome the Sabbath
... day of rememberance of GOD'S Creation and His command to rest on the Sabbath ...

Click on the WORD and follow the light.