Greg Meyer

Wood, wood everywhere and not a strip to be found ...

I want to pass along a possible solution to a wood problem - that is - the kit calls for wood that there isn't a strip that matches this size. You use another strip and mill/carve/sand/etc to get it to dimension. I always have a problem with this - with my luck - the piece selected will be the size I will run short on later.

There is another solution that prevents usage of furnished pre-milled wood - and that is milling (cutting using X-acto blade/Preac table saw/etc) the billet material left over after the laser-cut parts are removed from their billets. I've enclosed a picture of the milled wood I got out of the Constitution's 1/8" and 3/16" thick billets alone - and there still remains lots of billet material in smaller thicknesses!

After a few kits - there may be enough material to scratch build a ship!

The picture below shows strips of varying widths, long and small strip pieces, blocks and left over scrap to cut odd sizes. Every day I'm learning something new (probably re-inventing the wheel), but it does make our hobby fun and interesting.