Greg Meyer



I purchased wood from the Constitution Museum Gift Shop for $5 a small block, with a certificate of authenticity. I also purchased from the Constellation Gift Shop a larger block of wood ($10) and I will incorporate original wood into the Constellation model ... if I ever get to it. I believe this is a neat thing to do and adds that "touch of elegance" to the model - incorporating REAL CONSTITUTION WOOD. I got my idea from the instruction booklet enclosed with the BlueJacket model of the Constitution. This is the kind of thing that makes modeling exciting and gives one a chance to add a little uniqueness at the same time.

I ordered 5 sets - this should be more than ample for what I plan on doing. I'll first focus on the cathheads and anchor stock, using wood from the Constitution. Hopefully you'll think this idea is also outstanding and incorporate original wood used in the Constitution (or "Consti" as her crewmen called her) into your model. Did you know that the Constitution was equipped with paddlewheels for three years in her career? and at one time she was painted white with a red gun streak? Here is an excerpt from the Constitution bookstore on the wood that I just purchased:

USS Constitution Wood

An exclusive and intriguing souvenir these small pieces of wood are actually taken from "Old Ironsides". Each piece is different, but they measure about 2 to 3 " square and an inch or so thick. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the wood is in fact from USS Constitution.

Some things you should know: The wood is taken off the ship as the result of regular maintenance, that glorious ship is not being dismembered for souvenirs.

We make no claim as to the age of the wood other than it came off the ship during a 1973-74 or later refit. We don't know any way to date wood, and we will not attempt to.

Unfortunately, we can't cut wood to order, for a number of reasons, nor are we likely to be able to in the near future. As much as we'd like to accommodate modelers, craftspeople of all sorts, we're not in a position to make up individual requests.

Your purchase of wood helps tell USS Constitution's story two ways: the Museum pays the 1812 Marine Detachment to process and package the wood. The detachment, a volunteer organization, recreates the role of 1812 marines like those that served aboard USS Constitution. They also serve as honor guards, guides, and interpreters of the role the US Marine Corps played in our history. We at the Museum benefit from the profits made from the sale of the wood to the public.

USS Constitution Wood (3285)

$ 5.50


and of course, the Constellation shouldn't be forgotten