Greg Meyer
Last Update: 1/4/2004


Section 4.1

In section 4.1, the practicum has us add a small 3/32" square piece to the bottom of our transom extension. However, if you followed these instructions, this additional piece was already added, and if not, it should be now. See my paper on Aft Extension .


Deck Framework

Section 4.2


Hatch Coamings

Section 4.3

This section always bothered me - first by the difficulty and second by the fact that the kit didn't provide the wood needed. This last fact sends up a red flag that maybe there is another way of constructing hatch coamings. I did it the way of the practicum and found it to be very cumbersome. I'm not even sure we need to construct the hatch coamings per the authentic way, as the practicum states. I have another way which is simple, easy to construct and there is adequate wood in the kit of RIGHT DIMENSIONS. See Hatch Coamings .


Spar Deck Plankings

Section 4.4