Greg Meyer
Last Update: 4/21/2005

Chapter 6 finishes up planking the outer hull - the counters (upper and lower); the wales; and finally the lower hull.




Section 6.1

In section 6.1, the practicum addresses the counter - that is, the upper and lower counters. Since there are two counters, upper and lower, I'll use the two adjectives to eliminate any confusion. See my papers on:

Section 6.1.1: Planking Upper Counter

... and my paper on

Section 6.1.2: Planking Lower Counter



Section 6.2

Planking of the wales (or side planking as our practicum refers to it) is pretty much straight forward. I used a couple of techniques that seemed to work for me and helped speed up the process. Read my paper on these techniques

Section 6.2.1: Planking the Wales



Section 6.3

This section always bothered me - first by the difficulty and second by the fact that there are so many ways to do this. I've put together a couple of papers on the subject. See my paper on

Planking Concerns

... and my paper on

The Planking Process

However, I've decided on another approach for the Constitution, all completely different from what I've seen up to this time. Read my paper and status

Section 6.3.2: Planking the Lower Hull

for more information and how the process came out.