Greg Meyer
Last Update: 12/4/2005

I just finished the Hull Practicum, Final Details - the lady now looks like the Constitution from the inside as well as from the outside. Now I'm going to start working on the propulsion system from the Masting and Rigging Practicum so she'll be ready to place her armament in a location to engage the enemy - getting the lady dressed for battle!


Photo Op
... this is what the lady looks like at the end of the Hull Practicum ...

...The Masts ...

Lower Masts

Section 1.2.1



Section 1.2.2


topgallant Masts

Section 1.2.3


Spanker Mast

Section 1.2.4

...The Bowsprit ...

Jiboom and Flying Jiboom

Section 1.3.1