Greg Meyer
Last Update: 12/4/2005

I finished section 12.8 in the Constitution Hull Practicum , which addressed the construction of the ship's boats. This was the LAST step in completing the Hull Practicum. Now on to the Masting and Rigging Practicum and constructing ship's masts and yards.

Lower Masts

Section 1.2.1

Getting started ... starting with the masts that we originally cut (fore, main and mizzen), now to finalize the dimensions and shape them. Starting with the fore-mast.

The practicum takes all mast measurements from the top of the mast boot, whereas the plans use the deck. Since the mast boot is about 7/32" thick (1/8" + 3/32"), I adjusted my measurements to compensate for the thickness of the mast boot.


Applying the styrene to the foremast - picture on left shows the styrene bent around and clamped to a dowel to get it to conform to the dowel (hopefully to get it to conform to the dowel shape and make it easier to glue to foremast). Picture on right shows the styrene being glued to the foremast. I tried to soak styrene in hot water, but it didn't seem to help any in holding its bent shape; it was still pretty difficult to bend and glue along its edges. I used Weldbond glue and let the assembly set overnight.



One thing of note - the basswood strip on the aft side of the mast platform - the dimensions given in the practicum of this piece didn't make sense. I used a 3/32" x 1/8" strip (vice 1/32" x 1/8").

Do not glue on the mast caps on at this time. When we get to the upper masts (next step), we'll construct the upper masts which have shoulders; at this time we'll slide the mast caps over the upper masts and then install the upper-mast unit as a whole to the lower mast unit.