Collecting these uncut press sheets poses a problem with their size, exceeding the 8-1/2 x 11 plastic sleeves of my collection. The 5000 signed (which sold with an $85.15 surcharge fee added to the sheet face value) were probably kept in tact, where as the other 40,000 plus were probably split into smaller units of stamps and blocks of stamps, showing gutters to give proof that the stamps came from the uncut press sheets.



The gutter pairs and gutter block examples above are just some of the combinations that can be cut from the press sheet and all this just to show that these stamps came from a press sheet and not a Pickett among 'em. Some of the gutter pairs for the Legends look a little hokey, including a small rider and an Indian, which are not stamps, even though they are perforated on three sides and stamp looking.